Everyone looks forward to their retirement, it’s a time to enjoy yourself, begin a new journey and do the things you’ve always wanted to do! It’s the next chapter of your life and there are plenty of new adventures to be had. Many people look forward to relaxing, unwinding and enjoying a slower pace of life. Over the years, you may have considered what would be the best way to spend your later years and enjoy an amazing retirement. Want to know the secret to a happy retired life? We think it’s park home living!

There are so many benefits to retiring to a residential retirement park, but to narrow it down, Riverside Meadow has listed our top 10 reasons why residential park home living is the secret to a fulfilled and happy retirement…

1. Community spirit

With any residential living complex, one of the major benefits is that you are surrounded by a community of like-minded people! With a retirement park, this community of people will also be of a similar age to you, making it more likely that you share common interests and hobbies. Everyone living within the community will have the same goal as you: to enjoy a relaxed and happy retirement! 

2. Private and secure 

Residential parks provide safe and secure places to live for added peace of mind and stability in your later years. The park will be private, meaning that regular pedestrian traffic will be avoided within the park, although of course friends and family are welcome! This means that you will form a close-knit community feel as you will soon come to recognise familiar faces and make close friends. This added level of privacy and security helps our residents to feel safe and relaxed. 

3. Economical 

Moving to a park home will often mean downsizing for most people. This allows them to free up valuable equity from their home and provides a more economical way of living. Park homes are much more pocket-friendly than regular bricks and mortar homes and they will allow you to free up some extra cash to truly enjoy your golden years. 

4. Low maintenance 

Park homes are designed to be easy to maintain, requiring very little work to keep them looking shipshape! As they are considerably smaller than a regular family house, they are easier to keep clean and tidy. Plus, you don’t need to worry about trekking up and down a staircase as park homes are one-storey bungalows. You can find out more about park home maintenance by reading our article here

5. Environmentally friendly

Everyone is learning to be more conscious about the environment and our effect upon it. That’s why our park homes are designed to the highest standard, ensuring they are built with environmental factors in mind. They use quality materials that are tough and weatherproof, designed to keep heat in over the winter and be cool in the summer. Plus, all of our homes are fitted with an energy-efficient boiler and come with a 10-year structural warranty. Click here for more details about our homes for sale.

6. Long lifespan

Modern park homes are designed to last for many years. A well-maintained home will have a lifespan of around seventy to eighty years with the right care. There is a common misconception that park homes are not as robust and durable as site-built properties, but this isn’t the case. In fact, our park homes at Riverside Meadow meet British Standard BS 3632 which is the standard required for permanent living. Find out more about the lifespan of a park home by reading our article.

7. Comfortable and cosy design 

When it comes to buying a property to spend your retirement in, you want to make sure you get it right. One of the main things you will be considering is the design and feel of the place. Is it comfortable? Is it cosy? Is it homey? Most park homes are designed to be super comfortable as all rooms are on one level and they often have a light and spacious feel. At Riverside Meadow, our homes are designed to meet a variety of layout configurations and are even available in a choice of colour palettes. 

8. Improved social life 

Loneliness is a sad but all too prevalent issue with older people, but residential living can help! Unfortunately, some people find that as they grow older, they feel more isolated from their local community. When living in a retirement park, you need not worry as the sense of community spirit and camaraderie is strong! Our residents love to socialise and have fun, take part in sports activities, take up hobbies and go on outings together. That being said, privacy is also important and boundaries are always respected. 

9. Peaceful and stress-free

Moving to a residential park allows you to move away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and start a new chapter of your life. Many parks situate themselves in quaint locations, surrounded by nature and away from noisy cities, allowing residents to enjoy a quiet, peaceful and relaxing environment and appreciate the nature that surrounds them.  

10. Permanent holiday

In our opinion, the best benefit of living in a park home is the feeling of being on a permanent holiday! With residential living, retirement can be one big holiday for you to enjoy every day. 

Unlock the secret to a happy retired life and enjoy your retirement with Riverside Meadow! We are currently offering virtual viewings of our homes to allow prospective buyers to get a feel for the property online! To book a virtual tour or to find out more, give us a call on 01392 874 771 or fill out our contact form