What is a park home?

A park home is a bungalow-style home that is situated on a “pitch” in a residential park. Whilst the park homeowner will own their home, they will not own the land that it is situated on. A park home is a unique form of homeownership where the park homeowner will pay a “pitch fee” for the land where their home sits. 

Park homes are extremely popular amongst those looking for a relaxed, comfortable lifestyle in a safe and secure community. This makes them a popular choice for those who are in their later years and looking to wind down and enjoy a slower pace of life. Plus, as park homes are all on one storey, they are super easy to maintain and get around as well as being modern and aesthetically pleasing. 

What are park homes made of? 

Traditional houses are made from bricks, mortar and cement which makes them strong yet not flexible in terms of design or moving it around! Whist park homes are still designed to be robust, the design options are often much more flexible and they are entirely transportable! 

Park homes are often built with a timber frame which is then mounted on a steel chassis. They are designed to be weatherproof and durable. The timber and steel materials help to give park homes a luxury, aesthetically pleasing feel as well as ensuring they are structurally sound and resistant against any damage caused by various weather conditions. 

Once the park home is sited in the location where it will remain, it can be connected to services such as electricity and drainage – making it perfect for permanent living. 

How long will they last for? 

Most modern park homes are built in line with British Standard BS3632. This is the standard that is used to define permanent residence. Unlike holiday homes, park homes are designed with permanent living in mind. This means they are well insulated, often coming with double glazing as well as being sound-proofed. 

Because of the high standard of the specification, park homes can be expected to last for many years, averaging a life span of between 70 and 80 years. You can read more about the life expectancy of a park home here

Our homes for sale 

The Riverside Meadow park homes are built by Prestige Homeseeker, one of the UK’s leading park home manufacturers. We have a range of residential retirement park homes for sale to suit a variety of layout preferences and designs. We also offer a choice of colour scheme allowing you to add a personal touch of style to your home.  

Choose from the Anthemthe Reprise or the Sofia, each exuding sophistication and style. All of our park homes are modern and a brand-new build, ensuring the highest quality and comfort for our residents.

Our warranty 

For extra peace of mind, all of our park homes are covered by a 10-year structural warranty so that you know your home is protected. 

If you’re looking to retire in a beautiful location surrounded by greenery and stunning views, Riverside Meadow may be the place for you. Located just outside of Exeter in nearby Topsham, and sitting on the banks of the River Exe, Riverside Meadow is a quaint and peaceful park well-suited to those looking to make the most of their retirement. To enquire about our park homes, or to arrange a virtual tour, please contact us on 01392 874 771.