Happy Residents


Discover what residents from our adjacent residential park love about living in this location, the area and the lifestyle they enjoy.

“It’s a more laid back way of life. We look out our window and can see all the way out to Topsham over the estuary. On a good day, you can see down to the hills of Haldon.”

Beryl and Rob Brooks

“The park homes are easier to maintain than conventional houses. It’s the security as well, we feel safer being in this environment, which gives us more peace of mind.”

Pam and Andy Veysey

“You can have your own space if you want it but there’s always someone there to talk to and make sure you are okay.”

Margaret Tregale

“There will come a day when I won’t be able to drive anymore and need to be somewhere with good amenities and bus routes.”

Blanche Kitchen

“I love it here. Everything is on your doorstep, the site is well kept and you feel secure. You always feel there’s someone you can call on.”

Mary Swann

“The park is very well looked after, it is the nicest park in the area. All the communal areas are very neat and tidy. Plus, everyone is very friendly here. It’s given me a social life.”

June Harry

“Penny, the park owner, is lovely, I can pop in to see her with any problems I might have. She treats you like a friend. It really makes a difference to my life.”

Shirley Cann