As retirement is approaching, you may be excited to finally have plenty of time to yourself. Finishing work can be truly liberating and means you have full control over how you spend your days. Plus, if you move to a retirement park home, you can free up valuable equity from your property, meaning you not only have the time but also the money to spend too, allowing you to make the most of your retirement! 

It is important to take the time to consider what kind of things you are interested in and want to pursue during your retirement. This is the perfect time to delve down deep and think about all the hobbies you would like to pursue (or those you gave up while the kids were growing up!), the skills you would like to improve and the people you would like to meet! Keeping an active lifestyle during retirement helps to combat some of the issues related to retired life such as loneliness and isolation. A well-loved hobby can help add meaning to your life and reduce the sense of monotony that some retirees report feeling during their later years. 

Riverside Meadow encourages social activities and have listed some of our favourite hobbies to undertake in and around your South Devon park home.   

Cooking / Baking

Grab a recipe book and challenge yourself to try out some new cuisines from across the globe. Or, if you’re more of a sweet tooth, why not try your hand at baking? Make cupcakes, bread, doughnuts and more for you and your fellow park homeowners to enjoy with a spot of tea. All of our park homes at Riverside Meadow come equipped with fully fitted kitchens with gas burner hobs, microwaves, an eye-level oven, fridge-freezer, plus a dishwasher to save time on the washing up! 

Learn more about our park homes here.


Physical activity and sports have been identified as one of the key factors in promoting and enhancing a healthy lifestyle and a higher quality of living for older people. Keeping active doesn’t have to be strenuous, 30 minutes a day is enough to get you out of your park home and keep you fit and healthy. There are plenty of sporting activities to get involved in around South Devon, including water sports, cycling, fishing and horse riding, to name a few. What’s more, Riverside Meadow is conveniently located within walking distance of Exeter Golf and Country Club, a fantastic leisure centre featuring an 18-hole golf course plus squash and tennis courts. It even has a swimming pool and spa! Or, for a more relaxed sporting activity, why not try out a game of bowls with friends at nearby Topsham Bowling Club.

Visit Exeter Golf and Country Club’s website to learn more. 

Learn a new skill

Why not use your newfound time to hone a skill or learn something completely new? Maybe there’s something you’ve always been interested in but never had the time to pursue, now is your time! Some activities you might consider are arts and crafts such as quilt making, pottery, candle making or woodwork. Get in touch with your creative side with flower arranging or keep your mind sharp by becoming a chess master. The world is your oyster! 

Explore the great outdoors

Located on the banks of the River Exe, Riverside Meadow is the perfect place to get in touch with nature and spend your hours unwinding in the great outdoors. The local area is surrounded with plenty of picturesque parkland, perfect for surveying the natural beauty of the area on a gentle morning stroll or even an afternoon bike ride. Get some exercise and take in the breathtaking views of the local nature spots including Haldon Forest Park, a 3,500-acre park with striking woodland. Or, for any budding bird-watchers, a visit to RSPB Bowling Green Marsh is perfect for viewing migrating birds and winter flocks – a twitcher’s paradise!

Learn more about Haldon Forest Park here and Bowling Green Marsh here.


Our park homes, the Anthemthe Reprise and the Sofia, are all located on a spacious pitch, meaning you have plenty of space to fill your garden with plants, plots and flowers. Even if you don’t have green fingers, tending to plants can be a calming and enjoyable pastime. Sit back and watch as they grow and blossom across the coming months. So, grab a trowel and watering can and give it a go!

Click here to view our park homes for sale and even take a 3D online tour.

Card games / Board games

Even if you live alone, one of the wonderful things about retiring to a residential park home full time is that you are surrounded by like-minded people, who are of a similar age to you! Invite your neighbours, or friends and family, over for a bite to eat and a game of monopoly, cluedo or scrabble and let your competitive streak shine. Or, try your hand at poker and get your game face ready. If you’re interested in cards, members of the Exeter Golf and Country Club can join the bridge club for just £1 a year!

There are plenty of activities to keep your retirement active and entertaining at Riverside Meadow. From personal hobbies to local clubs and associations, you’ll find plenty of friendly faces around our park and surrounding area. For a fulfilled retired life, enquire about buying a park home at Riverside Meadow today by calling us on 01392 874771 or click here to fill out our online form.


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