The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines “quality of life” as a person’s perception of their position in life in relation to their expectations. Many elements can affect a person’s perspective, namely physical and mental health, emotional wellbeing, financial resources, relationships, and their environment.

As people age, they begin to realise that life isn’t all about quantity, it’s actually about quality! Plus, with the free time that comes with retirement, it is important that you take additional steps to enhance your experience of life and surround yourself with people and places that make you happy. 

Life in old age is about stepping back, reflecting, and taking time to do all the different things that you’ve always wanted to do! However, although many look forward to retiring, it doesn’t come without its challenges. In fact, for some, retiring can lower quality of life and some retirees may even experience feelings of loneliness and isolation. Ageing is a privilege, but feeling that you no longer have a role to play in society can be quite jarring for some. The best way to approach retirement is to focus on things that bring joy to you, be that friends, family, hobbiessports, activities, or other! 

Here, at Riverside Meadow, we believe that residential park home living is a great way to improve quality of life in your later years. Why? Because living in a retirement community has so many benefits for our park home owners…

Amazing living environment

Your environment plays a huge role in your emotional and psychological wellbeing. There is nothing more important than feeling safe, comfortable, and relaxed in your own home. Our park homes are designed to meet a variety of layout configurations and preferences so there will certainly be a home available to suit your taste. Plus, we also offer a choice of colour schemes, allowing you to add that personal touch. Finally, park homes are extremely low maintenance, giving you one less thing to worry about! 

Social relationships 

Having meaningful social interactions is a fantastic way to combat loneliness and keep in touch with those around you. What could be a better way to maintain social relationships than living in a community full of like-minded and similarly aged people! Living in a retirement community means you will always be surrounded by friends that will likely care about the same things as you, providing you with necessary social support in your older age.

Enhanced financial resources 

Moving to a park home is a considerable downsize from a regular brick and mortar family home, thus it frees up plenty of equity that can then be used to enjoy your golden years! Financial stability is an important factor when it comes to happiness, security, and mental wellbeing. 

Stunning location

External factors play a huge role in our sense of happiness. Living in a location surrounded by nature can have amazing benefits for your mental health. Plus, having tons of gorgeous parkland, forests, and riversides to walk around mean you’re more likely to go out and exercise, improving your physical health! Riverside Meadow is located on the banks of the River Exe, providing stunning views to our residents and an amazing place to settle down. 

Our residents love park home living and report feeling a strong sense of belonging, life satisfaction, and contentment in their lives. Want to enjoy a relaxed retirement? Take a virtual tour of our park homes and take the first step to a happier old age by contacting us today. Please call us on 01392 874 771 or fill out our online contact form



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